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Residential Plumber

Residential Plumber

We have a long list of services that we provide for our residential clients. Every and any plumbing service is available with us. We can fix all broken things and upgrade your old plumbing to new efficient systems. We also clean drains, sewers, valves and faucets. Contact our plumbers for any plumbing problems in your house or apartment.

Commercial Plumber

Commercial Plumber

Commercial plumbing is also available with Maple Plumbing Services in Glendale. Our plumbers are experts in building large plumbing systems.

Our maintenance services are up to the par. We provide particular water saving toilets and tap systems for malls, hotels and other large buildings. We also do all kinds of plumbing repairs, installations, and upgrades.

Emergency Plumber

Emergency Plumber

Whenever there is a plumbing emergency, call us for help.

We have 24 hour emergency plumber available at all times in Glendale. Our helpline representative will always handle your problem.

Plumbing is a field where one has to be efficient and responsive. Our quick response at any odd time will make your plumbing issue short.

We are ready to serve you 24/7


Water Filtration

There is a surge in the water filtration system demand. The water in Glendale is not the best for drinking. We receive more and more calls from our clients to install water filter systems.

Our plumbers are experts in installing whole house or kitchen only water systems. Read more about our water filtration services.

Pipe Lines

Pipelines are the heart and soul of a plumbing structure. We build strong and durable pipelines for a constant water supply. Our water lines are seamless which reduces the chances of any leaks.

Plumbing Repairs

All kinds of plumbing repairs are available with us. Call our helpline if any of your plumbing equipment is troubling you.

Low Water Pressure

Do you experience low water pressure? We are experts in leak detection and reduction valve replacement. Contact us today for fast services or read more about our lead detection services.

Washing Sewers

We can help you with slow draining sewer line and sinks. Thanks to hydro-jetting, we can efficiently remove any debris and clogs in your sewer lines. Read more about our sewer cleaning services.

Installing Plumbing Systems

Our plumbers are experts in installing all plumbing systems. Call us for installation of dishwashers, garbage disposals or any other equipment.

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How do I know if I have a leak?

Go out to your water meter and record the level. Make sure no one uses any water for a few hours, then go back and check the meter again. Your answer is waiting for you 🙂

What to do when my toilet overflows?

Usually caused by a leak in your tank’s fill valve or deterioration of the shaft or wire that sets the fill level. You can always Call us and fix it quick.

Do I need a sump pump?

If you have a basement that frequently floods or your home is built so water flows toward it, you should definitely have a sump pump.

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Maple Plumbing Company is at your services 24 by 7. Reach us out whenever you have a plumbing emergency.
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